PRESS RELEASE: The Captain Christopher S. Cash Memorial Scholarship Awards for 2015 were presented Jan.,21,2016

Press Release:  January 21, 2016


To The Editor:
Nancy and Bob Kelley founders  of the “Run for Cash Memorial 5K” Family Race Day are proud to announce the Captain Christopher S. Cash Memorial Scholarship Awards for 2015. Liam Eisenhaur ,  was the recipient of the Class of 2015 at Thornton Academy, Saco, Maine.     Liam is attending Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts.
He is pursuing a career studying Computer Science. He achieved the Deans List for his first semester. Liam is an outstanding student and a fine athlete.
Emilie Chard was the recipient of the 2015  Captain Christopher S. Cash Memorial Scholarship from Old Orchard Beach High School. Emilie was Valedictorian for her Class of 2015 and was involved in many extracurricular activities. Emilie is attending the University of New England where she is studying Athletic Training in hopes of pursuing a Career in Physical Therapy. We are very proud of her accomplishes which qualified her for this award.
They both received a $1,000.00 Award and also a personal  gift from us  as a remembrance of our son,  U.S. Army Ranger Captain Christopher S.Cash.
Congratuations to Liam and Emilie,  and from all of us at our  “Run for Cash” Family Race Day team.
Nancy Lee Kelley
Old Orchard Beach, Maine

WHOM 94.9 FM Met Spangle!

A Sincere thank you to WHOM 94.9 FM, for there valued Sponsorship our 9th Annual Memorial “RUN FOR CASH” family race day…. ” SPANGLE” and I went to visit Sandra and Teddy at One City Center in Portland….”SPANGLE” loved having his photo with everyone at WHOM , which is a favorite radio station of ours..

Special rememberances of Army Captain Chris Cash

Follow Thomas’s Boston Marathon Run April 16, 2012!

Hi Everyone,  If you recall Thomas Pacyna is running in memory of Christopher in tomorrow’s Boston Marathon.  He has raised a tremendous amount of money for our fund and we are just so excited we can’t stand still.  If you are want to follow Thomas’s run tomorrow you can do so here:  His bib number is:  23781.  If will take you about a second to register and then you will be kept posted of his journey.

Thomas –  be safe tomorrow!  It’s going to be hot out there.  It’s not about the time – it’s about the journey.

Hope to see you all at our less strenuous but as fabulous Run for Cash – our road race in Old Orchard Beach welcomes walkers and runners of all ages and levels.  Your pets and strollers are always welcome.  xoxo from your Run for Cash peeps :)



Goody! Goody! Goody!

We’re not saying goody goody goody just because it’s the season of chocolate bunnies.  We have some BIG news here at Run for Cash.  Are you sitting down?  You must be ‘cuz we assume you’re on your computer if you’re reading this.  Okay, here goes.  We have a NEW COURSE.  Sorry, we meant NEW IMPROVED course.  Scratch that.  We have a NEW IMPROVED ROCKIN’ AWESOME course.  You can check it out HERE.  But here’s the info so you’re in on the know.

As we hope you are aware or want to bring to your attention, our race course represents many of the paths our son Christopher took here in Old Orchard Beach that he loved so much.  We wanted a good challenging course but also one we felt represented our mission of honoring Christopher and his beautiful life.  But like Christopher, we endeavor to improve and we felt we could do this with our course and actually enhance our opportunity to honor him and you for being a part of our celebration.

There’s more to come here at Run for Cash.  Hug your son, daughter or friend when you get a minute – just ‘cuz you can.  And here’s one for you.  Hugs to you from Christopher’s Mom…Nanc :).