Goody! Goody! Goody!

We’re not saying goody goody goody just because it’s the season of chocolate bunnies.  We have some BIG news here at Run for Cash.  Are you sitting down?  You must be ‘cuz we assume you’re on your computer if you’re reading this.  Okay, here goes.  We have a NEW COURSE.  Sorry, we meant NEW IMPROVED course.  Scratch that.  We have a NEW IMPROVED ROCKIN’ AWESOME course.  You can check it out HERE.  But here’s the info so you’re in on the know.

As we hope you are aware or want to bring to your attention, our race course represents many of the paths our son Christopher took here in Old Orchard Beach that he loved so much.  We wanted a good challenging course but also one we felt represented our mission of honoring Christopher and his beautiful life.  But like Christopher, we endeavor to improve and we felt we could do this with our course and actually enhance our opportunity to honor him and you for being a part of our celebration.

There’s more to come here at Run for Cash.  Hug your son, daughter or friend when you get a minute – just ‘cuz you can.  And here’s one for you.  Hugs to you from Christopher’s Mom…Nanc :).