New Website

We like to keep busy here at The Christopher Scott Cash Memorial 5K and Scholarship Fund Organization. Our latest endeavor?  Well, you’re looking at it it.  It’s time for an updated website.  We are looking forward to bringing some great features to our site that will help us keep in better touch with you – our race family.  Come and visit and please pass along our info to your family and friends.  Our mission is simple.  We would like to provide scholarships every year to graduating students from Old Orchard Beach High School and Thornton Academy.  Our goal is this:  We’d like to have one year of scholarship money in the bank.  Right now we are working year to year and we are grateful for what we have, but what we collect now is distributed in six months or so.  We’d like to have that set and be collecting for 2013.  We are hoping the updated website will help us in our mission.  Maybe you can too :).

Lots of love.

Signed Christopher’s Mom, Nance <3